Mr. Paul V. Burger

Research Specialist, SIMS Laboratory

Institute of Meteoritics

MSC03 2050

1 University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Phone: 505-277-8327

Fax: 505-277-3577

Email: pvburger /at/ unm /dot/ edu

M.Sc. 2005, University of New Mexico

B.A. 2000, Boston University

My research objectives include the quantitative analysis of geological materials using microanalytical techniques including SIMS, EPMA and SEM, the development of sample preparation methods to maximize accuracy and precision during data collection, and the refinement of data reduction scripts and programs to aide in the data reduction process for the end user. My current research focuses on the trace element chemistry of jarosite, a sulfate mineral identified on the surface of Mars, and its potential as a recorder of martian surface processes.

Recent Publications

Kawakami, T., Grew, E. S., Motoyoshi, Y., Shearer, C. K., Ikeda, T., Burger, P. V., Kusachi, I. (2007) Kornerupine sensu stricto associated with mafic and ultramafic rocks in the L├╝tzow-Holm Complex at Akarui Point, East Antarctica: What is the source of boron? Geological Society, London, Special Publications. In Press.

Papike, J. J., Burger, P. V., Karner, J. M., Shearer, C. K., Lueth, V. W. (2007) Terrestrial analogs of martian jarosites: Major, minor element systematics and Na-K zoning in selected samples. American Mineralogist, 92:444-447. Click for PDF reprint

Hagerty, J. J., Shearer C.K., Vaniman D. T., Burger P. V. (2006) Identifying the effects of petrologic processes in a closed basaltic system using trace element concentrations in olivines and glasses: Implications for comparative planetology. American Mineralogist, 91:1499-1508.

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