Dr. Charles K. "Chip" Shearer

Senior Research Scientist III

Manager, Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Institute of Meteoritics

MSC03 2050

1 University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Phone: 505-277-9159

Fax: 505-277-3577

Email: cshearer@unm.edu

Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, 1983

Research interests: The focus of Chip's research has been on planetary basaltic magmatism and the evolution of planetary interiors (Moon, Mars, 4 Vesta), trace element crystal chemistry of the rock forming minerals, and planetary sample return.

Recent Publications

Shearer, C. K., Papike, J. J., and Karner J. M. (2006) Pyroxene europium valence oxybarometer: Effects of pyroxene composition, melt composition, and crystallization kinetics. American Mineralogist, 91:1565-1573. Click for PDF reprint

Shearer, C. K., and others (2006) Chapter 3. Magmatic and thermal history of the Moon. In New Views of the Moon (eds. B. Jolliff and G. Ryder). Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry

Papike, J. J., Karner J. M., and Shearer C. K. (2004) Comparative planetary mineralogy: V/(Cr + Al) systematics in chromite as an indicator of relative oxygen fugacity. American Mineralogist, 89:1557-1560. Click for PDF reprint

Walker, R. J., Horan, M. F., Shearer, C. K., and Papike, J. J. (2004) Depletion of highly siderophile elements in the lunar mantle: Evidence for prolonged late accretion. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, in press.

Shearer, C. K., Papike, J. J., and Borg, L. E. (2004) Planetary Sampling Strategies: Lessons learned from the analysis of Small Extraterrestrial Samples. CP699, Space Technology and Applications International Forum - STAIF 2004, 925-930.

Additional publications

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