Institute of Meteoritics Personnel

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Research Staff

Carl B. Agee, Director

Aaron Bell, Senior Research Scientist II

Paul V. Burger, Research Specialist

Horton E. Newsom, Senior Research Scientist III

Peter Olson, Visiting Research Staff

James J. Papike, Research Professor

Paula Polyak Provencio, Research Specialist

Alison Santos, Research Scientist III

Charles K. "Chip" Shearer, Jr., Senior Research Scientist III

Steve Simon, Senior Research Scientist III

Michael N. Spilde, Research Scientist III

Jin Zhang, Senior Research Scientist III

Karen Ziegler, Senior Research Scientist III

Meteorite Museum and Collection

Carl B. Agee, Curator

Administrative Staff

Shannon Clark, Program Manager

Beth Ha, Administrative Assistant II, COMPRES Central Office

Graduate Students

Mya Habermann

Ryan Jackson

Oleg Maltsev

Poorna Srinivasan

Zoltan Vaci

Group photo, 2008. Click for full size version.

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