Institute of Meteoritics Meteorite Curation and Museum

The IOM houses a world-class research collection of a wide variety of meteorite samples. We make allocation of samples for research purposes to accredited planetary scientists. Our Meteorite Museum, located on the ground floor of Northrop Hall, enjoys thousands of visitors per year. Our Virtual Museum page allows you to do the next best thing, if you can't make it in person. Finally, we offer tips on identifying meteorites that you might find yourself.

Meteorite Curation

Carl B. Agee, Meteorite Curator

Explore our research Meteorite Catalog. Search by meteorite type, sample name, and many more criteria. An outstanding page designed for the IOM by Dr. William Hudspeth of UNM's Earth Data Analysis Center.

The Institute of Meteoritics does not carry out meteorite identification or valuation services and we are not able to accept phone calls or emails asking for help identifying suspected meteorites. We do not accept physical specimens for examination or identification. Samples sent by mail will not be returned.

Meteorite Museum

Take a virtual tour of the IOM's Meteorite Museum. This outstanding site, designed by Stanegate Studios and Karl Jay Designs, has dozens of activities, how-to's, and virtual exhibits. Classroom activities for primary- and secondary-school science teachers can be found here.