Institute of Meteoritics Laboratory Facilities

Laboratories in the IOM are listed here, in alphabetical order. Follow the linked titles in each entry, or use the drop-down menubar above, to visit the pages of each lab for full details.

Electron Microbeam Laboratories

Michael N. Spilde, Manager

These pages describe the Electron Microprobe and Scanning Electron Microscope instruments. Capabilities, detection limits, and rates for use are provided.

Experimental Petrology Laboratories

These pages describe the High Pressure laboratory, its apparatus and capabilities, and research underway in the Experimental Petrology group. Our High Temperature (ambient pressure) lab is undergoing renovation and reorganization, and that content will be added to these pages once those are completed.

New Mexico Infrared of Astromaterials (New MIRA) Laboratory

Penny L. King, Manager

This lab is being commissioned during late 2007 and 2008. Its primary research goal is to examine surface and interior processes on planetary bodies. To achieve this goal, Dr. King's research group attempts to understand the fundamental geochemical aspects of astromaterials under different conditions. Knowing how materials behave under different conditions allows us to predict planetary environments (in the past and future) and to make better tools to explore our solar system.

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) Laboratory

Chip Shearer, Manager

These pages describe the SIMS, or Ion Microprobe, laboratory.

Center for Stable Isotopes

Zachary Sharp, CSI Director

The Center for Stable Isotopes was founded in 2014. This facility is used by multiple disciplines to measure stable isotope ratios of light elements.